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Коды ошибок в Canon C200D

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Коды ошибок в Canon C200D

E000 Fuser thermistor, heater thermal fuse
E001 Fuser thermistor, or triac
E002 Fuser thermistor, thermal fuse or triac
E003 Fuser thermistor, heater, thermal fuse or triac
E004 Triac or fuser won't shut off
E007 Fuser film is off center or not driving properly. Might be able to reset in service mode 4-407
E010 Main motor drive problem
E030 Counter
E041 Paper deck motor, clutch or sensor
E064 Composite power supply or main motor board
E202 Scan problem. Motor sensor
E210 Lens drive problem
E220 Exposure lamp
E240 Main board or composite power supply
E260 Main board, power supply cooling fan or composite power supply
E261 Composite power supply or fluctuating power
E400 ADF communication to machine
E401 ADF pickup motor or sensor
E402 ADF belt motor drive
E403 ADF feed motor or slip sensor
E404 ADF exit motor
E411 ADF document detect, or registration sensor or edge sensor
E500 Sorter communication problem
E510 Sorter drive problem
E530 Stapler guide bar motor
E531 Stapler swing motor
E540 Bin shift motor
E541 Bin motor drive problem
E710 Main board (DC controller.)
E711 Main board (DC controller.)
E712 Main board or communication problem with ADF, or ADF main board
E717 Main board, assist board. "Replace drum": Drum waste toner is full, or drum has run 40,000 copies. Reset with user
E802 Composite power supply or DC controller
E901 Cassette feed unit board or cassette feed motor
E902 Horizontal registration problem. I think this refers to the duplex section
J1 Feed jam
J10 Duplex exit jam
J11 Vertical jam
J12 Vertical jam
J13 Vertical jam
J14 Vertical jam
J15 Deck jam
J2 Feed jam
J3 Separation area jam
J4 Separation area jam
J5 Exit jam
J6 Exit jam
J7 Sorter jam
J8 Door open jam
J9 Cassette jam
JA Cassette jam
Jb Cassette jam
JC Cassette jam
Jd Duplex feed jam
JE Duplex exit jam
JF Duplex registration jam