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Коды ошибок в Canon 6012F

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Коды ошибок в Canon 6012F

C No problem. Means that the machine is correcting the fuser film tracking
CC Drum must be changed. Could be the drum serial number is identified by the logic as being non-compatible to that particular copier
E000 Low fuser temperature
E001 High fuser temperature
E002 High fuser temperature
E003 Erratic fuser temperature
E007 Fuser film off track and will not repair itself
E010 Main drive problem
E030 Counter problem
E064 Scan problem, or power supply
E202 Scan problem
E210 Lens drive problem or lens sensor
E220 Exposure lamp stays on or off
E240 DC controller (main board) or composite power supply
E261 Zero cross problem. Power frequency or composite power supply
E400 Communication problem between boards
E803 24 volt problem
EO Fuser problem
H Fuser overheat